Honey Culture Pushp, Safeda & Lakkad - Combo

Honey Culture Pushp, Safeda & Lakkad - Combo

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Pushp - A unique multi-floral honey

Inside the blooms of nature lies the sweet nectar that the bees turn into delicious honey. Multi-floral honey is honey sourced from many flowers. Each type of flower renders the honey with unique properties.

Pushp, our multi-floral honey is obtained from hives that thrive on flowers in undisturbed and organic vegetation in the deepest forests of India. The honey is only filtered and not processed ensuring it retains all its natural properties and benefits.

These natural properties and a distinct flavour make it perfect for beauty and health recipes that enhance the quality of life.

Safeda - Premium Indian Borage Honey, a rare finding

True to its name, it is almost pure white in color when collected, and has a very unique aroma. 

It's not only visually different but also the flavor is refreshingly unlike any other honey you have had before.  

With a hint of mint in its taste, and the nectar being collected from pristine forests where the Indian Borage plantation thrives, the Honey Culture Safeda is, in the most literal sense, a gift of nature.

It is from the hives in these natural, undisturbed forests, we obtain the Honey Culture Safeda. It is sourced responsibly JUST ONCE A YEAR, and that is also subject to climatic conditions.

Lakkad - Premium Rosewood Honey

What makes the Honey Culture Lakkad different is the source of honey. The dense Sheesham forests in Himachal are, fortunately, devoid of any pollution. For thousands of years, these forests have grown just as Nature intended them to. The environment is as pure as it can get.

It is from the hives in these natural, undisturbed forests, we obtain the Honey Culture Lakkad. It is sourced responsibly in small batches and at specific times in a year.

The floral aroma and a refreshingly unique taste of the Honey Culture Lakkad is attributed to the Sheesham trees & other natural vegetation in these forests. Experience it once to instantly understand the taste of "real forest honey".

Weight: 275 gms X 3